Hi, my name is Amit.
I'm a MERN Stack Developer.


About me

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Hi there, I am a Full Stack Developer with expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Node.js. I have experience developing web applications from scratch, implementing secure authentication systems, and integrating APIs to enhance functionality. I have been working for the past 3 years for many US-based clients both small startups and independent projects.

I can create dynamic web applications using React, Node and MongoDB. Any web application requiring user database, signup/login via email and oAuth, user dashboard and connecting to third party API etc.



Chatbot Flow Builder

A chatbot flow is built by connecting multiple messages together to decide the order of execution. The flow builder currently supports only one type of message (Text Message). Nodes are added to the flow by dragging and dropping a Node from the Nodes Panel. Settings Panel replaces the Nodes Panel when a Node is selected. It has a text field to edit text of the selected Text Node.

Frond end stack: React, React-Flow.

See Live Repo

Giftbox - Tron

GiftBox is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that rewards donors. This was our submission to Tron Grand Hackathon. I built majority of the frontend of the web app using Next.js and native routing. Used both static site generation and server-side rendering features for smooth user experience. Used Mantine UI library for React UI components.

Frond end stack: React, Redux, Mantine, Nextjs.

Back end stack: Solidity, Tron.

See Live Repo

Aegis - Polygon

Selected as one of the TOP 10 projects on Ethernals @ETHIndia, India's biggest web3 hackathon for creating a transparent, decentralized platform to support creators. Worked as a lead developer on this project. I worked on both the front end and the smart contracts with a heavier contribution on the front end side.

Frond end stack: React, Mobx, Mantine, React-router.

Back end stack: Solidity, Polygon.

See Live Repo